Philips: Achieving Global Excellence


Global electronics and medical devices leader, Philips, needed to create a workforce that had operations on a global basis. The challenge was to teach employees to work more effectively and trust each other across cultures.


Global Dynamics Inc. created a multi-faceted approach to build the cultural intelligence of the organization. GDI developed and delivered specific guidelines and best practices on how to build global teams. Programs included:

  • Executive coaching of the company president and his executive Team
  • A curriculum for global cultural intelligence, including country-specific training on how to work more effectively with associates from relevant countries
  • Intercultural teambuilding for intact global teams


The client reported that there was immediate improvement in internal communications between international expatriate leaders and their staffs. Several cross-cultural differences were identified and potential misunderstandings were avoided resulting in the saving of time, resources and frustration. Team members realized how their communication patterns were inadvertently closing out other team members. Improved working relationships across cultures were reported and intact teams reported greater efficiency and more enjoyment from team membership.