Global Dynamics Inc. and ProtonMedia Deliver Cultural Intelligence Content and Collaborative Medium for Geographically Dispersed Organizations

Partnership Responds to Growing Need for Solutions to Facilitate Virtual Business Interaction

WASHINGTON, D.C. June 1, 2009 — Global Dynamics Inc (GDI) today announced a strategic alliance with ProtonMedia, making Global Dynamics Inc a Preferred Content Provider. Through this partnership Global Dynamics and ProtonMedia will offer organizations customized cultural intelligence content and a collaborative medium for virtual interaction, including the use of ProtoSphere, ProtonMedia's business-friendly virtual world.

ProtoSphere's immersive environments will allow Global Dynamics Inc clients to communicate securely using VoIP, collaborate using integrated Web 2.0 tools and effectively leverage their internal global expertise through social networking. Through this partnership with ProtonMedia., Global Dynamics Inc. enables global businesses to facilitate communication, collaboration and training in a secure, always on immersive environment. Examples of capabilities include:

  • Virtual corporate meetings
  • Cross-cultural and diversity training via virtual seminars
  • Simulation-based training
  • Forums and wikis for team members to exchange knowledge based on shared experiences to enhance and leverage a global or dispersed companys knowledge management
  • Social Networking in the context of an immersive Internet environment

"Most business transactions today are not constrained by geography," said Neal Goodman, President of Global Dynamics Inc. "When we are working virtually, we still need a place and a way to effectively exchange information. Global Dynamics is committed to providing geographically dispersed organizations with both the knowledge and the means to communicate and collaborate successfully."

ProtonMedia's selection of Global Dynamics Inc as a Preferred Content Provider follows a project in which Global Dynamics developed cultural intelligence content using ProtonMedias ProtoSphere for one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Global Dynamics Inc," said Ron Burns, President of ProtonMedia. "This partnership enables the creation and delivery of world-class cultural intelligence content and interactive capabilities in a secure, enterprise friendly immersive environment."

About Global Dynamics Inc.
Global Dynamics Inc is the leading provider of cross cultural management, expatriate, team building, and marketing solutions designed to meet the global needs of multinational corporations. GDI empowers the worlds finest organizations to overcome the challenges of globalization and virtual environments and to leverage the power of diversity. For 25 years global corporations have turned to GDI for training, coaching, consulting and research in over 60 countries. GDI's high-quality, yet cost-effective, services are available anywhere and in any language, in-person, via the Web and over the phone.

About ProtonMedia
ProtonMedia is the leading provider of virtual world technology for the enterprise. ProtonMedias flagship product ProtoSphere is a secure, private virtual world environment for collaboration and learning. As the premier virtual world platform for the enterprise, ProtoSphere features a suite of communications and social networking tools designed to deliver the most efficient knowledge transfer within a networked, learning organization.