News from Global Dynamics Inc.


GDI Announces Availability of Unique Global Multi-Media Calendar

GDI announced availability of the only multi-media global calendar available with world-class artwork, oral pronunciation of foreign holidays, and videos showing aspects of various holidays. Licensing for the calendar is available in increments of 18 months, beginning with any month. For a preview of the calendar or additional information, write to programs@global-dynamics.com

Neal Goodman Published in February Issue of training Magazine

Neal Goodman's article, Best Practices: T&D for Global JVs and M&As
was published in the February issue of Training Magazine.

GDI Senior Associate, Jessie Lee Mills Published in February Issue of Training Magazine

GDI Senior Associate, Jessie Lee Mills' article, World View: Focus on the Republic of Singapore was published in the February issue of Training Magazine.

Neal Goodman Published in Chief Learning Officer Magazine

Neal Goodman's article, Your Brain on Culture, was published in the February issue of Chief Learning Officer Magazine.

Global Dynamics Invited to Speak at 13th Annual IMI Conference

Global Dynamics Inc. was invited to speak at the 13th Annual IMI (International Management Institute) Conference on Intercultural Relations on the topic, New Trends and Challenges in Cross-Cultural Training. The conference will be held March 15 and 16, 2012, in Washington, DC.  

Neal Goodman Invited to Speak at ASTD 2012 Conference & Exposition

Neal Goodman was invited to speak at the 2012 ASTD Conference and Exposition on Taking Diversity Global: Challenges, Strategies and Best Practices.  The conference will be held May 6—9, 2012, in Denver, Colorado, USA.