Case Study

Two Perspectives...



You are meeting in Japan with your colleague, Mr. Schultz who just flew in from the States to finalize the plans for your combined exhibit at a trade show. The two of you have been discussing this topic for two months, yet you only received the plans via email yesterday and have not had a chance to review the plans with your colleagues. You would like to spend more time with Mr. Schultz, perhaps over drinks tonight so you could get to know each other better.  You like your American colleague so you wish to save face for him for the work that was done, but you can not possibly agree to move ahead without a detailed review of the plans with your Japanese colleagues.

LOW CONTEXT – Mr. Schultz:

You have been sent to Japan to get a quick commitment to have your Japanese partners, share half the cost for a combined exhibit at a trade show. You have been discussing this project with your colleague, Mr. Soto, for two months. You emailed the final version of the plans for the exhibit to your colleague in Japan ahead of your arrival so your colleague would have an opportunity to review the plan. You wanted to do this over the phone, but it was suggested that it would be best if you come in person to speed up the process. You are expected to get an approval from your colleague at this meeting. Your flight home is this evening.