Cross-Cultural Quiz

How Much Do You Know About India?

1. What is the Golden Quadrilateral?

A)  A network connecting India’s major tourist spots
B)  A highway connecting India’s four major metros
C)  The university commons at IIT Chennai
D)  A coalition of four major political parties

2. Chapter 5B of the 1947 Industrial Disputes Act bars employers with more than 100 workers from:

A)  Employing women who are underage
B)  Giving time off for religious holidays
C)  Laying off employees without state permission
D)  Denying workers’ healthcare

3. Who among the following is of Indian origin?

A)  The co-founder of Hotmail
B)  The co-founder of Sun Microsystems
C)  The co-founder and CEO of i2 Technologies

4. True or False: There are no Intellectual Property Laws in India. 

A)  True
B)  False

5. Which of the following is not a key principle of the Hindu paradigm or way of life:

A)  Knowledge
B)  Karma
C)  Hierarchy
D)  Patience
E)  Efficiency
F)  Obedience
G)  Rebirth



Answer key

1=B, 2=C, 3=Trick question! (all of the above), 4=B, 5=E