Cross-Cultural Quiz

Test Your Knowledge of Japanese Emoticons

What do these Japanese emoticons mean?

1)      (^-^)

2)      (^.^)

3)      (^o^)

4)      \(^o^)/ 

5)     (*^o^*)

6)     (^^;)

7)     (*^O^;)

8)     (;_;)

9)      (^__^)

10)   (^o^;>)


Select from the following meanings:

A) Weeping Face

B) Excited Face

C) Excuse Me

D) Girl's Smile

E) Basic Smiley

F) Double Smiley (To convey strong feelings)

G) "Banzai" Smiley

H) Sorry

I) Happy Face

J) Cold Sweat


Answer key

1=E, 2=D, 3=I, 4=G, 5-B, 6=J, 7=H, 8=A, 9=F, 10=C