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A Cultural Battle of Values


Freedom of speech, a free Internet, an individual's right to privacy, respect and common decency for the disabled.

These are all values that, on some level, are almost universally embraced. However, even people, companies and cultures that believe in all of these values, are likely to prioritize them differently.

As the world shrinks and the global economy expands, business will continue to find itself in the center of a values battle. 

Associated Press reported, in February, that a Italian judge convicted three Google executives over a video posted online of an autistic teenager being bullied. 

The executives were not accused of any personal involvement in creating or uploading the video, however, Italy's strongly held value of privacy, in this case, has come in conflict with America's strongly held value of free speech.

Google said that the conviction "attacks the very principles of freedom on which the Internet is built," while Milan Prosecutor Alfredo Robledo said. "...a person's identity is a primary good. If we give that up, anything can happen and that is not OK."