Case Study

Cultural Indigestion?

A look at McDonalds' McItaly

McDonalds' introduction of its new Italian-themed burger, the McItaly, led to a case of "cultural indigestion" according to an article from Reuters in February 2010. 

McDonalds teamed up with the Italian government to create and market the McItaly, made from Italian ingredients, to young Italians. 

"We want to give an imprint of Italian flavors to our youngsters," said Italy's Agriculture Minister Luca Zaia.  According to Zaia the burger was created to "promote the taste of Italy."

However, Italian food critics, as well as the Italian Slow Food movement, have largely found the McItaly offensive.

The founder of the Slow Food movement, Carlo Petrini, said "Globalizing a taste does not promote it but rather standardizes and homogenizes it."