Cross-Cultural Quiz

Test Your Knowledge of (More) Proverbs from Around the World


Can you Match these Proverbs with the appropriate Country?

1) One cannot shoe a running horse

2) The first bird out gets shot

3) The early bird catches the worm

4) Sitting on a stone for three years

5) A closed mouth catches no flies

6) A cat in a cage becomes a lion

7) A fat wife is like a blanket in winter

8) A day without bread lasts long

9) A fool is a wise man's ladder

10) A fair day in winter is the mother of a storm


Select from the following Countries:

A) South Africa

B) India

C) Netherlands

D) Romania

E) Pakistan

F) U.S.A.

G) Spain

H) Italy

I) China

J) Japan


Answer key

1=C, 2=I, 3=F, 4=J, 5-H, 6=B, 7=E, 8=G, 9=A, 10=D