Johnson & Johnson: Taking Success in Diversity to a Global Level


Leading healthcare provider, Johnson & Johnson has been rated, by Diversity Inc. Magazine as the #1 company for promoting diversity and inclusion in the U.S. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are regarded as critical factors in making J&J one of the ”best places to work” in the U.S.

The company wanted to expand its D&I initiative globally but realized that to be effective D&I would have to be culturally appropriate for each region of the world.

The challenges were:

  • The Latin American Diversity Council took the initiative to bring D&I into their region in a manner that would improve workforce success.
  • Another J&J organization was struggling with how to combine their U.S. and European Diversity initiatives.


Latin America – GDI initially conducted a workshop for the Latin American Diversity Council in order to identify the most important diversity factors for the region and the most impactful way to introduce the concepts to the entire Latin American workforce.

J&J held a series of Town Hall meetings led by local leaders to introduce D&I through a series of 20 minute mini workshops on topics of relevance to the audience such as “Hidden Biases”. GDI prepared the three presentations including activities and full scripts that the local leaders would learn. Customization included using Latin American references and photos to identity hidden biases.

A web-based train the trainer session was held with each of the facilitators who were to deliver the program in several countries in the region.

Over a 10 month period more than 20 town hall meetings were held in more than 10 countries.

Europe/U.S. – For the European/U.S. project, GDI developed and delivered a live video conference on Mutual Perceptions, Diversity and Respect.

This was the first ever live international video meeting undertaken by J&J that addressed the topic of diversity, and J&J’s Senior Diversity Officer introduced the program as a “groundbreaking event” for J&J.


Latin America – Participants in the town hall programs were enthusiastic in their support. Many people reported that they were very proud that their company would take the time and effort to discuss such important and sensitive issues.

Our J&J client reported that it employee morale was improved and J&J believes this will lead to greater retention in a highly competitive market for quality employees.

Europe/U.S.  - The European and U.S. teams reported an enhanced sense of understanding and trust amongst team members across the ocean. Productivity and communication were reported by the client to have also improved as a direct result of the program.

Most of the over 100 participants reported that this was the most valuable and meaningful training of any type they had ever received.