Managing or Working Successfully in a Virtual Environment

Most business transactions today are not constrained by geography. When we are working virtually, we still need a place and a way to effectively exchange information. Global Dynamics is committed to providing geographically dispersed organizations with both the knowledge and the means to communicate and collaborate successfully.

GDI developed a series of programs to raise awareness and understanding of the dynamics of leading or operating in a virtual team and to provide participants with tools, techniques and strategies for becoming effective communicators. Participants will learn the important skills necessary for leading and working with colleagues in a virtual environment.

Programs include:

Leading and Managing a Virtual Workforce - A program to teach participants about the critical differences between leading in a virtual environment and a traditional organizational structure

Managing Virtual Meetings - A course that explores the ways that virtual meetings differ from face-to-face sessions

Virtual Workflow Effectiveness - A course to show virtual team members and leaders how to enhance virtual team decision-making and alignment

Developing Cross-Cultural Skills and Competencies for the Virtual Workforce - A course to teach virtual team members and leaders about the essential intercultural dimensions of operating in a geographically dispersed multi-cultural team

Enhancing Virtual Communication Skills - A program to teach participants about the critical differences between communicating virtually and in-person

Effective Virtual Team Working - A program that focuses on the specific needs of intact team

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