Responding to Conflict in the Workplace

GDI's Responding to Conflict in the Workplace course is a highly interactive program, designed to provide all employees with new tools and new ways to approach conflict. Through a variety of scenarios, participants have the opportunity to watch the dynamics of conflict unfolding and learn how to respond to conflict in a positive, constructive way. This course is divided into the following three modules:

1. Is Conflict Good or Bad?

In this module, participants will learn:

  • Both the personal and organizational consequences (cost) of conflict
  • How to recognize early signs of conflict
  • How ones own fears (e.g. fear of losing, fear of looking bad, and fear of failure) contribute to conflict

2. How Does Conflict Happen?

The second module teaches the fundamental dynamics of conflict. Topics addressed include:

  • How taking a position on something often results in increased tension and conflict
  • A suggested approach that will lead to mutual gain

3. How to Respond to Conflict

Once participants have come to understand the fundamental dynamics of conflict, they are now ready to respond to it positively and constructively. This module outlines a variety of techniques that can be used to effectively avoid and/or resolve conflict.

The course concludes with a post test.

The Responding to Conflict in the Workplace program is highly interactive. Simulations, case studies, self assessments and small group activities engage the participants in an accelerated learning experience.

As with all of GDI's offerings, our Responding to Conflict in the Workplace program is offered anywhere, any way, any time, and in any language. Our services are offered in-person, via telephone, online live or self-paced.

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