Promoting Respect in the Workplace

GDI's Respect in the Workplace course, intended for all employees, teaches participants how to:

  • Monitor their own reactions to cultural differences
  • Describe the consequences of harassment in the workplace
  • Recognize inappropriate behavior in the workplace
  • Decide how best to respond in different situations.

The course is divided into the following four modules:

1. Understanding Cultural Differences

In this module, participants will learn the fundamental principles of culture including how to:

  • Define culture and its characteristics
  • Compare and contrast Direct versus Indirect Communicators
  • Monitor ones own methods of communication

2. The Consequences of Harassment

The second module teaches the fundamental aspects of harassment in the workplace, including the consequences of harassment to:

  • The Target
  • The Accused
  • Their co-workers and the organization

3. Recognizing Inappropriate Behavior: The Traffic Light Analogy:

In this module, participants will learn to:

  • Recognize potential areas of concern regarding Harassment in the Workplace
  • Categorize behavior as Green, Yellow, or Red Light behaviors
  • Determine the legality of such behaviors

4. How to Respond

In this module, participants learn how respond in a harassment-related situation as The Target, The Accused, and The Observer. Participants also learn their responsibility with regard to creating and maintaining a harassment-free work environment.

This course concludes with a Post Test to determine the extent to which the material discussed has been understood by participants.

The Promoting Respect in the Workplace program is highly interactive. Simulations, case studies, self assessments and small group activities engage the participants in an accelerated learning experience.

As with all of GDI's offerings, our Promoting Respect in the Workplace program is offered anywhere, any way, any time, and in any language. Our services are offered in-person, via telephone, online live or self-paced.

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