Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

Valuing Diversity in the Contemporary Workplace - A program designed to engage the participants emotionally and cognitively in order to develop skills and strategies necessary to effectively work with people from other cultural backgrounds

Respect in the Workplace - A course, intended for all employees, to teach participants how to monitor their own reactions to cultural differences, describe the consequences of harassment in the workplace, recognize inappropriate behavior in the workplace and decide how best to respond in different situations

Achieving Global Leadership in the Culturally Diverse Organization - A program designed to prevent the primary cause of failure in culturally diverse teams not a lack of intelligence or technical skills but misunderstandings and differences in perceptions and expectations

Understanding Religion in the Workplace - A program designed to examine the special needs a workforce with different faiths and beliefs requires, particularly with respect to holidays, customs, dress, prayer, rituals, food and work schedules

Tapping into the Potential of Four Generations at Work A highly interactive course designed to meet the requirements of a varied audience, including employees as well as managers, regarding the topical aspect of multi-generations in the workplace

Responding to Conflict in the Workplace - A highly interactive program, designed to provide all employees with new tools and new ways to approach conflict

Harassment in the Workplace - A training program for harassment prevention to build the awareness skills needed to create a respectful and dignified workplace

Overcoming Unconscious Bias and Micro-Inequities - A course leading participants through ways to both detect and overcome biases and micro-inequitiesin an unthreatening, non-judgmental environment

Business Case for LGBT Inclusion - A program to describe what institutionalized homophobia is and outline the related costs to the organization

Understanding Diversity and the Law - A program to teach managers to how to comply with the laws related to diversity in the workplace

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