Custom Diversity Websites

GDI partners with clients to create their own corporate Diversity Website, an ever-fresh and dynamic, just-in-time reference that employees will visit repeatedly.

We customize the site's look and feel to match the client's corporate web design (or any relevant design, as requested).

The site is housed either on the client's own corporate Intranet or hosted by GDI.

Site content is completely customizable but usually includes sections for:

  • Diversity 101 - An introduction to topics in diversity.
  • Discovering Diversity - Links to recommended diversity training opportunities.
  • Diversity Lifestyle - Regularly updated diversity events calendar, ethnic recipe, and interview with an employee.
  • At Our Organization - The organizations diversity values and initiatives.
  • Diversity Resources - Recommended books, articles, and websites.
  • Diversity Spotlight - A regularly updated and changing feature section.

For additional information about our services, please send an email to or see our