Cultural Tendencies Diagnostic Assessment Tool

GDI analyzed the major studies on culture and business and synthesized the results to create Culture Wise's interactive Cultural Tendencies Diagnostic Assessment Tool, which identifies the most important areas where cultural differences impact business relationships and outcomes. This electronic assessment tool provides some of the Cultural Tendencies that are most important.

The Cultural Tendencies Diagnostic Assessment Tool enables users to:

  • Learn the 11 key cultural differences that impact business relationships.
  • Identify their preferred cultural tendency on any of the 11 cultural tendencies.
  • Compare their preferred cultural tendency to the cultural tendencies found in major regions of the globe.
  • Learn practical tips to build effective relationships with people from a region where there is a significant difference between the user’s preference and the preference of the region.

The instrument provides 11 critical Cultural Tendencies. Each tendency is arranged on a continuum from one extreme to the other. Some regions are on the extremes of these continua, and some are in the middle. While some people don't conform to the tendencies of their national culture, the research clearly indicates that there are cultural tendencies found in each region.

To ignore these Cultural Tendencies is to go into each culture with blinders on, unable to "see" the cultural factors underlying successful business relationships. This instrument is meant to be a valuable tool to help you "see" and succeed.