Introducing Culture Wise™

Global Dynamics is proud to announce general availability of our new cost-effective interactive Web-based cultural intelligence tool, Culture Wise™.

Within Culture Wise™ you will find tools to promote your cultural diversity initiatives, including (A) strategies for working globally (regardless of specific culture) and (B) country-specific information, such as how to develop relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers from specific countries; how to negotiate with individuals from those countries; how to successfully introduce your offerings to new markets and more.

Features include:

  • An Interactive Cultural Tendencies Diagnostic Assessment Tool, which enables users to chart their own individual preferences against the cultural preferences of a given region. The results include concrete strategies to bridge cultural differences that might otherwise impede effective working relationships and business success.
  • Interactive Local Resources, including time-conversion, meeting planning, language translation, currency conversion and local public transportation routes and more.
  • Multimedia Content, including video demonstrations of business practices, such as business card exchanges, advice on negotiation strategies, how to make presentations in a given country and audio pronunciations of key words, phrases and names.
  • “Ask the Cultural Specialist”, enabling users to ask specific questions of Global Dynamics’ worldwide team of cultural experts at no additional cost.

To register for a free trial of Culture Wise, visit the application page or email