Localizing Marketing Materials

Localizing of materials goes far beyond pure translation. A slogan that appeals to one culture may be ineffective or even offensive in another. Likewise, it is not uncommon for a company to try to universally apply numbers or colors that have a negative connotation in certain cultures.

GDI works with clients to localize their marketing materials, such as advertisements, websites, proposals, etc. We work with companies and their marketing departments and agencies to develop or refine culturally-appropriate materials that are consistent with the overarching global brand/message.

Selling to Global Customers

GDI works with companies to help them navigate the challenges of selling to global customers. Drawing on our deep experience in nearly every industry and function, GDI will take your company through every step you require from marketing to price negation to ongoing customer relations.

Translation services

GDI provides top-notch translation services as an add-on to other cultural intelligence services or as a stand-alone offering. Our translation approach includes reverse translation.

For additional information about our services, please send an email to programs@global-dynamics.com or see our