Knowledge Management Approach

Global Dynamics Inc. takes pride in our deep knowledge and understanding of our clients and their industries. We apply that knowledge by capturing and then utilizing our experiences several thousand training and consulting interventions so that our clients benefit from the collective wisdom of the worlds top global organizations.

With this significant history, we know the right questions to ask our clients and can anticipate what their challenges may be, sometimes before they do.

One such example is a program we recently designed for a Fortune 1000 company going into China. This was their first foray into China, and six months prior, the company had sent an expat into China without sufficient training. When GDI became involved we knew that this company would require government approval and in our first conversation with the expat we began asking him about whom he had spoken with in the government thus far. This first alerted the expat that this was an important area.

With our knowledge base accumulating such specific information over the last 20 years, our clients are gaining true cultural intelligence.

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