Expatriate Knowledge Management Database

GDI offers a Customized Knowledge Management Database of the collective intercultural intelligence of your organization. The client-proprietary database, accessible to only those granted permission by the client, is created to meet the organizations needs and specifications, linking together the international experiences of all of its employees, particularly international assignees.

This resource is also a global communications hub that can link your employees to one another while on international assignment and to the Global Dynamics Knowledge Experts through the Online Consultant feature. It also supports secure electronic communities that allow the family of the international assignee to communicate with friends and loved ones through the Spouse and Kids Corner feature.

Closer to home, the resource center provides the ability for your HR Department to authorize interventions online and allows program participants the option to complete pre-program questionnaires and evaluations online.

Further, the database leverages GDI's own web-based encyclopedia of cross-cultural business best practices and lessons learned from 60 countries. Your associates can access this resource and request cross-cultural assistance anytime, anywhere in the world.

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