Cross-Cultural Training

GDI's Cross-Cultural Training programs are customized to each client's particular challenge. In many cases, the course will be country-specific. Participants in a Cross-Cultural Training program will learn the important skills necessary for success in the global marketplace and the competencies to excel as part of a global team.

More specifically, participants learn:

  • Cultural do's and taboos of international business practices
  • Major differences in doing business around the world.
  • Actual international business case studies and best practices
  • How to effectively bring issues to the table and influence change
  • Strategies for communicating effectively as a group and as individuals in their respective cultures
  • How to leverage cultural Intelligence for competitive advantage
  • The core Cultural differences that matter and what strategies to employ when encountering these differences
  • The differences in communications styles that impact trust, agreements, negotiations styles, conflict management and mutual understanding

The Cross-Cultural Training program is highly interactive. Simulations, case studies, self assessments and small group activities engage the participants in an accelerated learning experience.

As with all of GDI's offerings, our Cross-Cultural Training program is offered anywhere, any way, any time, and in any language. Our services are offered in-person, via telephone, online live or self-paced.

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