Expatriate Solutions

Cross-Cultural Training - Customized seminars to teach participants the cultural do's and taboos of international business practices

Country-Specific Training - Programs focusing on the specific region and business challenge of each client

Living and Working Internationally - A customized family pre-departure program targeted to the country of destination

The American Experience - A program to accelerate the smooth transition of international assignees and their families into their new communities and work environments in the United States

Destination Services - Offerings to provide assignees practical "survival skills" in their host country

Global Employee Assistance - A program providing seamless confidential support for international assignees and their families

Selection and Evaluation Services - GDI's unique system of selection instruments and personal evaluations to determine the suitability of a candidate and family for an expatriate assignment

Repatriation Training - A comprehensive debriefing on the entire expatriate experience with a focus on the process of reentry

Expatriate Knowledge Mangement Database - Client-proprietary database created to meet an organizations needs and specifications, linking together the international experiences of all of its employees, particularly international assignees

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