Web-based, Blended Learning Solutions

Global Dynamics offers a number of online capabilities to complete at your convenience.


Cross-Cultural Awareness - Online, 24 hour access to cultural education, including an overview to cultural terms, concepts and cultural competency applications.

Cultural Profile Assessment - A cultural assessment tool that measures your employees personal preferences with respect to six dimensions of culture.

Diversity eLearning Courses - Online, 24-hour access to diversity education. Pre and Post tests are included. Courses include Managing Diversity in the Workplace, Respect in the Workplace, Responding to Conflict and Tapping Potential: Four Generations at Work.

Diversity Moments - A comprehensive library of topics such as, but not limited to Gender, Culture, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Disability, and Harassment.

Diversity Audit - An online, customizable survey tool toidentify the issues that serve as a barrier to achieving excellence in the workplace.

If you would like to preview any of these applications, please send an e-mail to PROGRAMS@GLOBAL-DYNAMICS.COM providing your full name, title, telephone number, and indicate which blended learning solutions you want to access. Global Dynamics will contact you for a brief telephone interview and provide you with a temporary user ID and password.

If you currently have an ID and password, click on the following link to be connected to the Application Login.