Effective Outsourcing

GDI's Effective Outsourcing seminar is designed to enhance the effectiveness of executives, teams and individuals engaged in international outsourcing projects. Effective Outsourcing teaches participants how to plan, organize, communicate and manage international outsourcing and off-shore projects, while guiding participants in the formation of new cross-cultural relationships between the international outsourcing partners and the existing corporate associates responsible for the work.

Anyone who initiates outsourcing projects abroad, as well as those who host people from foreign cultures or who deal with them electronically need to understand how cultural differences in social customs and business practices can and do impact on individual and group performance.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize the most effective outsourcing models to meet individual requirements around the world
  • Strengthen relationships, establish mutual respect and build trust by increasing cross-cultural understanding within the organization and with outsourcing partners
  • Improve communication throughout the corporation and with cross-cultural outsourcing partners to overcome language barriers, understanding non-verbal communication, and examining electronic protocols
  • Develop culturally appropriate strategies for creating successful outsourcing partnerships, including cross-cultural management, negotiation, and leadership styles
  • Develop personal and organizational action plans for effective cross-cultural outsourcing

The Effective Outsourcing program is highly interactive. Simulations, case studies, self assessments and small group activities engage the participants in an accelerated learning experience.

As with all of GDI's offerings, our Effective Outsourcing program is offered anywhere, any way, any time, and in any language. Our services are offered in-person, via telephone, online live or self-paced.

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