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Cultural Intelligence

Working Globally: Strategies for Success
Country/Region Briefings: Strategies for Doing Business with Every Major Country/Region (please specify)
Expatriate Services
Global Leadership
International Team Building
Global Knowledge Management (Leveraging Your Global Intelligence)
Negotiating Across Borders
Coaching for Global Leaders
Effective Outsourcing
International Project Management
Global Integration and Change Management
The American Experience: Living and Working in the U.S.A.
Global Sales Skills or Ethnic Marketing
Language Services (Translation or Training)
International Human Resource Management Issues – Selection, Repatriation, Etc.
Research – Benchmark Studies on Global Best Practices

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace
Diversity & Inclusion Leadership and Management
Ethnic Marketing: Selling to Asians, Latin Americans, Europeans
Diversity eLearning Courses
Diversity Moments (short vignettes)
Diversity Audit
Customized Diversity Websites
Respect in the Workplace
Leadership/Working in the Multicultural Organization
Religion in the Workplace
Tapping into the Potential of Four Generations at Work
Responding to Conflict in the Workplace
Harassment in the Workplace
Overcoming Unconscious Bias and Micro-Inequities
Business Case for LGBT Inclusion
Understanding Diversity and the Law

Virtual Team Working

Leading and Managing a Virtual Workforce
Managing Virtual Meetings
Virtual Workflow Effectiveness
Developing Cross-Cultural Skills and Competencies for the Virtual Workforce
Enhancing Virtual Communication Skills
Effective Virtual Team Working

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