GDI's Senior Associates

Global Dynamics' distinguished reputation is based largely on the unprecedented knowledge pool of our Senior Associates. It is because of our team that we are able to deliver hundreds of programs a year to an ever-growing list of over 200 companies listed on Fortune Magazine's Global 1000.

GDI's Senior Associates are located in every major country and region of the world. Collectively, they have deep hands-on experience in leadership positions in virtually all industries and have faced and overcome the very challenges for which our clients come to us. GDI's Senior Associates have both industry specializations (such as Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Petro-Chemicals, etc.) and topical specializations (such as team building, negotiations, change management, etc.)

Global Dynamics Inc.'s Associates are exceptional world-class experts in their respective areas of specialization. On average they:

  • Have over 20 years of successful international business experience
  • Speak an average of 3 languages fluently
  • Lived and conducted business in 3 or more countries
  • Hold more than one advanced degree from leading universities
  • Possess ability to effectively communicate and teach critical business skills in an interactive and engaging manner

Below is a brief sample of the backgrounds of just a few of our more than 100 Senior Associates.


Our Asia experts are based throughout Asia, Europe and the US. Our distinguished experts all have strategic alliances with government agencies and private enterprises. Our specialists have, for example, set up IBM's operations in China, trained the US ambassador to India, negotiated multimillion-dollar contracts, helped a major Telecom organization lay cable in Bangkok, and set up sales and marketing systems in China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Korea.

Latin America

Our Latin America specialists are based throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, the US, and Europe. As world-renowned experts, they have managed operations for Daimler Chrysler, Enron, Bechtel, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Lucent, J. Walter Thompson, Electro Bras, Polaroid and scores of other organizations in the region. These specialists include a member of the cabinet of the new Mexican government, President of the largest human resources organization in Latin America and the former manager of a power plant in Brazil.


Our Europe team represents all of the countries of Western and Eastern Europe. They have assisted corporations such as Daimler Chrysler, Standard Charter Bank, Deutche Messe, Kodak-Pathe' S.A., Alcatel, Nokia, Ericsson, Rhone Poulenc, BOC, Siemens, Salomon Brothers, Bristol-Myers Squibb and over a hundred other organizations to improve their efficiency within Europe. Our specialists have trained ambassadors, CEOs of major companies, set up Pan-European sales and distribution systems, initiated organizational change initiatives, led trade delegations to Eastern Europe and conducted hundreds of team building programs all over the continent and have negotiated multimillion-dollar contracts.

Middle East and Africa

Our Middle East and Africa teams have worked with the heads of Royal Families, high government officials, and most of the larger corporations operating in the Middle East. They have led and supported multibillion-dollar projects in the Middle East and Africa in industries as varied as Automotive, Aerospace, Petrochemicals, Telecommunications and Pharmaceuticals. Our team has developed effective corporate strategies for the introduction of innovative procedures, technologies, and personnel systems; designed marketing and negotiating strategies for new business development; negotiated multimillion-dollar contracts; and restructured companies in various countries throughout the Middle East and Africa. Among our team are former Embassy protocol officers, high-level Educators, personal advisors to government leaders and Fortune 100 companies as well as distinguished authors.