Blended Learning

Today's businesses are increasingly requiring blended learning solutions in order to maximize their budgets and employees time and learning potential. Global Dynamics is committed to delivering the best solutions to enable cross-cultural and diversity excellence in whichever modality best suits each organization.

We deliver programs anywhere, any way, any time, and in any language. Our services are offered in-person, via telephone, online live or self-paced.

The newest addition to our services is a series of web-based and self-paced e-learning programs on the topics of diversity and cross-cultural competence as well as the addition of affordable customized diversity websites tailored to individual organizations:

Cross-Cultural Awareness - Online, 24-hour access to cultural education, including an overview to cultural terms, concepts and cultural competency applications

Cultural Profile Assessment - A cultural assessment tool that measures your employees personal preferences with respect to six dimensions of culture

Diversity eLearning Courses - Online, 24-hour access to diversity education. Pre and Post tests are included. Courses include Managing Diversity in the Workplace, Respect in the Workplace, Responding to Conflict and Tapping Potential: Four Generations at Work.

Diversity Moments - A comprehensive library of topics such as, but not limited to Gender, Culture, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Disability, and Harassment

Diversity Audit - An online, customizable survey tool toidentify the issues that serve as a barrier to achieving excellence in the workplace

Designed to either serve as standalone programs or supplements to reinforce broader programs to maximize learning results, GDI's new self-paced blended learning solutions provide professional strategy, processes, education and knowledge transfer at minimal cost and time.

If you would like to preview any of these applications, please send an e-mail to PROGRAMS@GLOBAL-DYNAMICS.COM providing your full name, title, telephone number, and indicate which blended learning solutions you want to access. Global Dynamics will contact you for a brief telephone interview and provide you with a temporary user ID and password.

If you currently have an ID and password, click on the following link to be connected to the Application Login.