Our Approach

The hallmarks of our approach are:

Interactive Learning

Our training consists of unique interactive experiences that offer participants insight into their personal value systems and biases while developing increased cultural awareness and improved ability to relate effectively with each other, those they supervise, and to the public. Our training methodology is based on the fact that learning and change occur optimally through personal involvement and direct experience. Thus, participants are not lectured to, but instead are challenged to analyze their perceptions and biases, to experiment, to share, and to learn from each other. This sharing of knowledge opens the lines of communication among participants and across cultures, genders, and backgrounds.

Training maximizes the use of experiential techniques as a means of creating a challenging and productive learning experience, including group discussions, role-plays, simulations, group tasks, and short lectures. Topics have immediate relevance to the day-to-day functional activities of every employee and lead directly to the development of specific action steps for immediate on the job implementation by each participant.

Factors that make our approach to training unique and stimulating include:

  • Development of positive team-building behaviors and interdependent relationships among employees, departments, and the public.
  • Building intercultural awareness through the examination of individual biases, cultural values and traditions, and the exposure and analysis of cultural myths and stereotypes.
  • Practice of interpersonal communication techniques to minimize and diffuse conflict.
  • Identification of personal and organizational paradigms and strategies for avoiding and/or minimizing the impact of those paradigms.
  • Development of personal and organizational action plans to be implemented through a peer coaching process.
  • Follow-up and reinforcement through coaching, counseling, and process consultation.


Using a thorough pre-program needs assessment, GDIs programs are highly customized to best address and serve the specific needs, questions and concerns of the clients. No two programs are alike. We customize by region, industry and specific business challenges.

Continuous Care and Contact

Our work for our clients is truly never over. We continue to correspond and send tips to our clients, offer complementary coaching sessions in many cases and are always available for follow-up questions, even months or years down the road.

Knowledge Management Process

Global Dynamics Inc. takes pride in our deep knowledge and understanding of our clients and their industries. We apply that knowledge by capturing and then utilizing our experiences several thousand training and consulting interventions so that our clients benefit from the collective wisdom of the worlds top global organizations.

With this significant history, we know the right questions to ask our clients and can anticipate what their challenges may be, sometimes before they do. One such example is a program we recently designed for a Fortune 1000 company going into China. This was their first foray into China and six months prior, the company had sent an expat into China without sufficient training. When we became involved we knew that this company would require government approval and in our first conversation with the expat we began asking him about whom he had spoken with in the government thus far. This first alerted the expat that this was an important area.

With our Knowledge base accumulated over the last 20 years, our clients are not getting generic cross-cultural training.

Blended Learning Method

Today's businesses are increasingly requiring blended learning solutions in order to maximize their budgets and employees' time and learning potential. Global Dynamic's is committed to delivering the best solutions to enable cross-cultural and diversity excellence in whichever modality best suits each organization. We deliver programs anywhere, any way, any time, and in any language. Our services are offered in-person, via telephone, online live or self-paced.

The newest addition to our services is a series of web-based and self-paced elearning programs on the topics of diversity and cross-cultural competence as well as the addition of affordable customized diversity websites tailored to individual organizations.

Designed to either serve as standalone programs or supplement or reinforce broader programs to maximize learning results, GDI's new self-paced blended learning solutions provide professional strategy, processes, education and knowledge transfer at minimal cost and time.