AT&T: Transforming an Entire Organization from Being US-Centric to Global


AT&T needed to transform its entire organization from being US-centric to being Global in a very short timeframe. Headquarters-based executives needed to be trained and deployed to numerous countries. The US workforce needed a global mindset. There were numerous cultural misunderstandings in prior attempts to go global.

The requirement was that every functional area from manufacturing to sales and marketing had to quickly learn how to operate on a global basis with a global customer base.


Global Dynamics developed and delivered a series of customized seminars at various levels on Cultural Intelligence based on AT&T's core values and the cultural values found around the world.

Programs included:

  • Multiple country-specific programs to improve leaders understanding of the critical country specific information needed to succeed in each country
  • A comprehensive expatriate training program to be taken by all employees and families being deployed to overseas assignments and monitored each familys adaptation
  • An Executive Coaching platform for all Senior Leaders working on Strategic Global Initiatives

Additionally, Global Dynamics designed and conducted an International Trades Show Exhibitor Training and Assessment Instrument to measure the success of AT&T at global trade shows and benchmark their success in comparison to their competitors.


  • Increased the cultural competence of over 25,000 employees to take on new global responsibilities.
  • By overcoming cultural mistakes they were able to save millions of dollars on new joint ventures and international activities. AT&T estimated that it saved over $40,000,000 in Japan alone.
  • Hundreds of families made very successful adjustments to their new host countries and the employees succeeded in creating a successful and profitable organization.
  • AT&T's largest joint venture in India was salvaged due to the Executive Coaching delivered to one of the top executives who had to make an emergency visit to the Indian head of the venture.
  • AT&T's success at the international trade shows around the world as measured by contracts signed increased dramatically.